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1.1 Input: 3x composite, 1xSvideo, 1xcomponent( both SD and HD compatible), 1xVGA、1xDVI;

1.2 Output: 1xDVI、1xVGA;


2.1 Support PIP, POP, PBP in dual display mode and scale at will;

2.2 Fade in and fade out;

2.3 Support output resolution from 640x480x60HZ to 2048x1152x60HZ;

2.4 Support subtitle and logo display;

2.5 Controlled by keyboard, serial port and TCP/IP remote control;

2.6 Switch between small screen and full screen;

2.7 Easily freeze and unfreeze the video by pressing one key;

2.8 Support brightness and contrast setting;

2.9 Support bilingual language menu:Chinese English;

2.10 Support image deviation;

2.11 Timing display;

2.12 Multi saving mode.

Packing Configuration:

Power cable;(Material code:RACABA0013)

RS232 cable;(Material code:RACABA0002)

Composite video cable;(Material code:RACABA0001)

DVI cable;(Material code:RACABA0044)

VOIP 12V power cable;(Material code:RACABA0029)【Remark】

User Manual (English);(Material code:RPAK00X026)

User Manual (Chinese);(Material code:RPAK00X027)

DVD disk;(Material code:RPAK00X010)

Anti-static bag;(Material code:RPAK00X004)

【Remark】only for VSP 618E

VSP 618 Accessories

VSP 320 digital splitter;(Material code:RCRCPK0001);

VSP 210 player;(Material code:RCRCPK0033)

DXP 0808A analog AV matrix 8 in 8 out;(Material code:RCRCPK0043)

DXP 1616 analog AV matrix 16 in 16 out;(Material code:RCRCPK0044)

DXP 0808V analog VGA matrix 8 in 8 out:(Material code:RCRCPK0045)

DXP 1616V analog VGA matrix 16 in 16 out; ( Material code:RCRCPK0046)

DXP 0808H digital matrix 8 in 8 out; (Material code:RCRCPK0047)

DXP 1616H digital matrix 16 in 16 out;(Material code:RCRCPK0048)

DXP 0808 digital SD/HD SDI matrix 8 in 8 out(Material code:RCRCPK0049)

DXP 1616 digital SD/HD SDI matrix 16 in 16 out(Material code:RCRCPK0050)

MSP 203 SDI to HDMI converter;(Material code:RCRCPK0028)

MSP 206 video to HDMI converter;(Material code:RCRCPK0031)

MSP 207 HDMI to analog converter;(Material code:RCRCPK0034)

Video Insulator;(Material code:RCRCPK0051)

MSP 209 Gigabit Ethernet Converter, single mode;(Material code:RREG05M001)

MSP 209 Gigabit Ethernet Converter, multi mode;(Material code:RREG05M002)

DIN (SVIDEO) cable;( Material code:RACABA0015)

VGA to 5 BNC cable;(Material code:RREG05M007)

VGA cable;(Material code:RREG05M013)

DVI cable;(Material code:RACABA0004 )

DVI to HDMI Cable;(Material code:RACABA0009 )

1U container;(Material code:RPAK00X040)

4U container;(Material code:RPAK00X041)