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Led video procesor

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Led video procesor VSP516 Specifications:


1.1 Input: 3x composite, 1xSvideo,1xcomponent( both SD and HD compatible), 1xVGA、1xDVI(compatible with HDMI1.3),1x SDI(HD/SD SDI compatible);

1.2 Output: 1xDVI、1xVGA;


2.1 Support PIP, POP, PBP in dual display mode and scale at will

2.3 Support output resolution from 640x480x60HZ to 1280x1024x60HZ;

2.4 Controlled by keyboard, serial port and TCP/IP remote control.

2.5 Switch between small screen and full screen

2.6 Easily freeze and unfreeze the video by pressing one key.

2.7 Support brightness and contrast setting

2.8 Support bilingual language menu: Chinese English

2.9 Timing display

2.10 Multi saving mode

Packing Configuration:

Power cable;(Material Code:RACABA0013)

Serial cable;(Material Code:RACABA0002)

Composite Video Cable;(Material Code:RACABA0001)

DVI cable;(Material Code:RACABA0044)

VOIP 12V power cable;(Material Code:RACABA0029)

User Manual (English);(Material Code:RPAK00X024)

User Manual (Chinese);(Material Code:RPAK00X025)

DVD Disk;(Material Code:RPAK00X010)

Anti-static Bag;(Material Code:RPAK00X004)

VSP 516 Accessories:

VSP 320 digital splitter;(Material Code:RCRCPK0001)

VSP 210 player;(Material Code:RCRCPK0033)

DXP 0808A analog AV matrix 8 in 8 out; (Material Code:RCRCPK0043)

DXP 1616A analog AV matrix 16 in 16 out;(Material Code:RCRCPK0044)

DXP 0808V analog VGA matrix 8 in 8 out:(Material Code:RCRCPK0045)

DXP 1616V analog VGA matrix 16 in 16 out; (Material Code: RCRCPK0046)

DXP 0808H digital matrix 8 in 8 out; (Material Code:RCRCPK0047)

DXP 1616H digital matrix 16 in 16 out;(Material Code:RCRCPK0048)

DXP 0808 digital SD/HD SDI matrix 8 in 8 out;(Material Code:RCRCPK0049)

DXP 1616 digital SD/HD SDI matrix 16 in 16 out;(Material Code:RCRCPK0050)

Video Insulator;(Material Code:RCRCPK0051)

MSP 209 Gigabit Ethernet Converter, single mode;(Material Code:RREG05M001)

MSP 209 Gigabit Ethernet Converter, multi mode;(Material Code:RREG05M002)

DIN (SVIDEO) cable;(Material Code: RACABA0015)

VGA to 5 BNC cable;(Material Code:RREG05M007)

VGA cable;(Material Code:RREG05M013)

DVI cable;(Material Code:RACABA0004 )

DVI to HDMI Cable;(Material Code:RACABA0009 )

1U container;(Material Code:RPAK00X040)

4U container;(Material Code:RPAK00X041)

Led video procesor VSP516