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Supercomm-Full color controller

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Double color 960x256,256degree grey,
Full color 640x160,64degree grey ,100M network support Ethernet ,1pc RS232 serial port,1PC RS422/485 serial port,64M-2G SD serial port,8M RAM,multi windows,show world time,count down and serial device’s data,support flash,word,text,RIF,BMP,JPG,1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2 scan and static,adjust brightness automatically.provide display power supply fixed time on/off control signal.
SupperComm full version
Different from SupperComm-A
1. high expand:double color 960x512 full color 640x320
2. serial expand:2pcs RS232 serial port,1pc RS422/485
3. input expand:temperature/humidity sensor input port

output expand:temperature control for the display power supply and reducing heat device

Supercomm-Full color controller