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Novastar sending card MSD300

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Novastar sending card MSD300


1. 1 DVI interface for video input.

2. USB interface for instruction communication.

3. Audio input interface integrated.

4. Resolutions supported: 1024×1200, 1280×1024, 1600×848, 1920×712, 2048×640.

Software Function

● High performance in gray scale and refresh rate just with common driver chips.
● Pixel level chroma calibration enabling outstanding color consistency even for a LED display of LED lights form multi batches.
● Comprehensive status monitoring including the working status of each LED light and cabinet and the temperature, humidity, smoke, switching power voltage, fan speed of/within each cabinet.
● Unique technologies of cascade and synchronization enabling reliable control of extreme large LED display without jittering, frame-skipping and dark-out.
● Perfect support of irregular LED displays, irregular cabinets and even irregular panels in arbitrary routing, skipping, inserting.
● 16bits gray level processing and luminance build-up from gray level 1 offering exquisite image quality even in the low gray level range.
● Green and energy saving from low voltage, low power consumption, low radiation; EMI/EMC passed as well.
● Driver chips of TI, Toshiba, MBI, Deaking, ENE, My-Semi, Sumacro, are supported, including TLC59282、TLC5929、TLC5944、DM13H、P2510、SUM2016、MBI5020/5024/5034/5035/5042/5050 and so on.