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1. LED-5 series is developed for the large screen LED display system, and with industry-leading image processing chip,

the internal 12-bit digital processing with the clearer image and richer colors

2. Advanced motion adaptive De-interlaced techniques to remove the video image motion judder, for the normal PAL / NTSC

video, the output image will be more clear, for 1080i HD signal, the output image will be rich detail and full color >;

3. Advanced image scaling technology to support fifteen kinds of output resolution, maximum output resolution is 1920X1200

or 2560X816 and maximum refresh rate is 120Hz;

4. Intelligent large size LED screen seamless mosaic technology and unique frame synchronization servo technology to have

more fluency image in high speed movement;

5. Compleded video input connector, including 2×RGB,1×DVI,1×HDMI,4×Video,1×HD SDI, support full HD signal input, and can be

connected with a variety of audio and video devices;

6. Support extend input modules,include YVU,DVI,HDMI,SDI module;

7. It supports seamless switching between different sources and the feature of PIP;

8. Support DVI input loop function;

9. Support two channels DVI output;

10. VGA Noise Reduce;

11. DVI Image Enhance;

12. Support Zoom function;

13. Support Dig out function;

14. Support Fade function;

15. Support cascading function;

16. Support 12 bits image processor,one billion color;

17. The whole unit is hardware architecture, stable and reliable;

18. Integrated one or two Tx board interfaces.