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DBstar DBT-QS09

LED Video Processor

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DBstar DBT-QS09 LED Video Processor

Technology Characteristics:

1. Advanced image zoom technology, make image smooth and exquisite.
2. Inner LED display controller, easy to use, save expense.
3. Abundant video input ports: 1xVGA、2xHDMI、1xYPbPr(HDTV)、
3. Advanced movement self-adjustment make the PAL/NTSC video more clear and exquisite, no movement video image delay or saw-tooth phenomena.
4. User can adjust the main and subsidiary window size and position pixel by pixel.
5. User define picture in picture image size and position of LED display by themselves.
6. 10 bite image process, 1000 million colors display, acritical brightness adjustment.
7. LCD press key and USB two operation ways.