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Led moving sign controller

Opis produktu

CL2005 Asynchronous System,moving sign controller
Type I:
single color 128x1024pixel
double color 64x1024pixel
Support 1 / 16 scan
Type II:
Single color:256x1024pixel
Double color:128x1024pixel
Type IV:
Single color:128x2048pixel
Double color:128x1024pixel
User can choose type II /type IV by software.Support static, 1 / 2, 1 / 4, 1 / 8, 1 / 16 scan(user can choose freely)
By remote control to choose the menu, external humidity/temperature sensors
Communication code:
RS232/422/485, to expand support
for GPRS, CDMA, MODEM, Ethernet, etc.
Compatible with RS232/422/485 serial communication port.
Can handle BMP, JPG files, Word, Excel , 5 times the brightness adjustment, power-screen remote control, can be configured to automatically adjust the brightness,temperature/humidity auto show, calculation days plus/minus, each program can be set up week appointed time playing,support GPRS, CDMA wireless communications, stable and simple use.
Special version: infrared remote control
CL2005-Led moving sign controller